About Us

PAngea DEvelopment COmpany GLOBAL, with this philosophy we entered the market many years ago, with the aim of being the reference consultancy & agency specialized in the main marketplaces such as Amazon or Aliexpress, among others, unifying and streamlining access to the products of our customers to multiple markets through these digital marketplaces globally.

Why Padeco Global?

We have extensive experience in marketplaces from multiple approaches, not only to sell, working with all types of companies, from start-ups to multinationals. We understand that each project is totally different from another, so our multidisciplinary team is prepared to adjust to each one of them.

Based on the needs of each project, we propose the strategy, we execute it according to a plan that meets the objectives, and we are constantly providing feedback on said plan to adjust it to the maximum and obtain the best results. 

Our areas of value towards your project:

Results oriented

Companies look for results in marketplaces, and we accompany that feeling by proposing projects focused 100% on results, both initially and throughout the development time of your project.

Actual experience

It is simple to replicate the services from a theoretical perspective, but we are clear that we want to demonstrate our great asset, the practical approach with our extensive experience. We know that the digital commercial world is not learned based on reading, but having lived it in the first person, as a commercial experience. From our team we adopt the philosophy of transferring our proven experience to the projects and, therefore, we reflect it throughout our relationship with our clients. Not only the official accreditation endorses us.

Equipment and Technology

Our team is specialized in each of the marketplaces and regions, and is in constant training, working with the philosophy of knowing the latest advances and novelties of each platform, from the business and technological angle.

Custom projects

We know that it is not easy and it is a complicated approach, but we have committed ourselves to designing and profiling each marketplace project suitable for each company based on its needs, sector, context…etc., as if it were unique. We do not sell standardization because we know that it does not apply to every company, we want to understand you.

Work Methodology

Our day to day is marked by modern work methodologies specialized in the marketplace industry, in which we seek to achieve the highest productivity, in addition to constantly testing new ways of working that help improve the dynamism of projects.

Process Flexibility

We adjust our processes to what customers are looking for. We know that each team has its particular work methodologies, and the flexibility of our team means that we adapt to each one of them


We adapt our own technological solutions to your growth in the marketplace based on the objectives of your project


We incorporate our own tool for the company in our projects, in order to provide digital intelligence in the marketplaces that we address so that you can get the most out of the platforms.


We know the impact that selling in the marketplace generates offline for your business. For this reason, we integrate marketplaces into your online/offline business strategy with the aim of minimizing the cannibalization of sales.

Continuous training

We seek cognitive evolution in our clients during the development and progress of projects, training teams constantly during the process.

At Padeco Global we understand that implementing a good process in projects in marketplaces, from the first moment, generates great results and avoids great frustrations in the future. That is why we focus on these 6 key points:


Situation analysis

Understand where we are

Strategy Development

Know where we want to go

Approach of Actions

Outline existing possibilities

Implementation of Actions

Realization of the strategies to be used for a satisfactory campaign 

Results measurement

Know that we are on the right track and correct mistakes.

Feedback Processing

Constantly upgrade the previous 5 stages

From our experience, creating, developing and achieving the success of a project in marketplaces entails a vision of 2-3 years to achieve an optimized process integrated into the company’s business model/team, as well as strategically geared, not it is a short-term stock trading.