Omnichannel Cross-Border

At Padeco Global we are aware that selling directly in certain regions digitally is complicated without the involvement of partners.

For this reason, we offer companies the possibility of having us as a strategic importer and distributor partner of your product and take charge of selling in the target local market, always prior to a study of the opportunity.

We are experts in the positioning of local marketplaces in the region and we have access to the main retail chains in the continent.

Concept What is omnichannel cross border?

The omnichannel cross border is a way of selling in other countries by mixing Marketplace channels with traditional physical channels. It means internationalizing the company’s sales by exporting with an innovative omnichannel vision, integrating sales strategies in online and offline channels to reach more customers and have more information about them.

Advantages Why do Cross Border Omnichannel?

Padeco Global OCB (Omnichannel Cross Border)

Services How can we help you?

Search for local partners for business development and omnichannel strategy, combining the development of local/regional Marketplaces and distributors of traditional channels. With this, in addition to testing with more channels, we can get to know the final consumer much better, having feedback from distributors and online customers. Improvement of the segmentation and improvement of the offer, creating synergies.

Consulting for foreign sales in LATAM

Trading of products for sale in Marketplaces, retailers and distributors.

Sales agents and brand ambassadors in different countries. Positioning of products in third countries in an optimal way, saving resources in knowing the market, travel and time.

Local sales force in LATAM

Why Padeco Global?

  • Local partners who are experts in your market
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Official marketplace partners in the region
  • Way of doing business according to the local culture.
  • Offices in countries of the region (Paraguay and Ecuador).
  • Dialogue with regional organizations.