Being the leading platform for visits to its website, in addition to improving its online sales data year after year, not only in Spain but at a European and global level, it is the ideal environment for any company to publicize its brand and product in these markets. , in addition to developing and increasing their sales.

As a partner of the Amazon Service Provider Network, either through the use of Seller Central, being an Amazon supplier with Vendor Central or using a 1P-3P strategy that allows you to use the synergies of both accounts, we help you position your product and brand and boost your sales.

We help you so that the management of your Amazon account is successful and you can obtain better business results. Count on us for the comprehensive management of your Vendor or Seller account, or ask us for support in specific areas.

Services on Amazon

As an agency specialized in Amazon, we offer a complete service adapted to your Amazon account.







We know that selling regularly on Amazon is not an easy process, and it persistently involves multiple departments and processes. At Padeco Global we can help you plan and manage FBA operations, maximizing the process to avoid opportunity costs in your business.

We focus on helping you in the following main aspects:

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The reach of the public via sponsored on Amazon is essential to achieve maximum reach for our target audience. At Padeco Global, we manage and optimize advertising strategies on Amazon, in order to optimize ACOS and maximize the KPIs set by the company.

Management of advertising campaigns Sponsored Ads | PPC

  • We establish with you the strategy ofkeywords, defensive approach or brand protector, as well as the essential particulars to achieve the objectives of each product
  • We manage your Sponsored Ads campaigns optimally, persistently ensuring the project’s objectives. We dynamically analyze the brand impact generated
  • We periodically report the KPIs and changes/new actions carried out through our own tool.

Audience Campaigns (Amazon DSP)

  • We design, execute and manage your audience campaigns through Amazon DSP, with the aim of reaching your Amazon consumer wherever they are, maximizing the impact of your products and your brand.

  • We focus advertising campaign strategies with the aim of identifying consumer segments based on behavior patterns in the purchase process, lifestyle, geographical areas, etc.

  • We work permanently on optimizing campaigns in order to maintain the notorious impact of advertising on the profile of target consumers, as well as to increase sales.

All these actions are parameterized and reported periodically, so that you can visualize and measure their impact on each ASIN, product family, brand, etc.

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